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Saturday, 27 January 2018

from the desk of ....

4 ore bicolor lots wanted ... especially, from U plates.
FR- chiappa lots wanted ...

collections are being audited, so Trade-offers are on demand ...

SWAP lots on approval by 25gm letterpost ; otherwise michel catalog trades are possible  
scans welcomed of your lots ...


specialised collections : decimal machins   danmark 4 ore bicolor  norge posthorn

archived collections :   japan kobans and forgeries; sweden, denmark; norge , germany , france

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Lasse Nielsen 's TOFDATA ...

here is NEW link ... to free download.   update due jan 2018.   the study group results are represented in TOFDATA.

start > press enter
T for bicolor plate (tryk) ... add 1...130

R.Hg = Rammehovedgruppe.
R.Serie = Frame series.
R.Setting = Frame Set.
RM = Frame Type,
RF = Frame Error,
OM = Oval Type,
OF = Oval Error.

this auction offers plated tofarvet 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

4ore plates ... my collection

the 30 year span 1875-1905 showed 3 groups of postmarks : ANT antiqua - LAP lapidar and BRO (bridge-comb) cancels.  plates are known in each group - DKPM archive or private plates.  yet many are still unknown ...

the middle period 1885-1894 is my focus ... medium circles

24 plates are unknown ... but TOFDATA aids in plate reconstruction

perforation ...

perforation began as line and ended comb type, with many irregularities. 2 machines were applied sometimes simultaneously.  the first line machine was rebuilt with new pins.  centred copies are almost unknown.  missing pins, blunt or sharp perfs, skewed lines and varied proportions are all known.

perforation is one of the keys to plating.  locating the columns on sheets of 100.

slideshow here

Sunday, 15 October 2017

DK23 4ore emissions ...

Numberdk-0023 (danish stamps)
MotifTinted eartags 1875
artistPhilip Batz
GravurePhilip Batz
Value4 øre
PrintingHH Thieles Book Printing
Print TechniqueBogtryk


Release date: 1875-01-01
Number of sheets4000000
Brands / sheet100
ColourGray / Blue
watermarkCrown 2
perforation14 x 13½
Release date: 1895-09-01
Number of sheets3080000
Brands / sheet100
ColourGray / Blue
watermarkCrown 2
Release date: 1903-12-01
Number of sheets105000
Brands / sheet100
ColourGray / Blue
watermarkCrown 3
 stocks needed to augment my collections ... will swap modern danmark for 4ore bicolor lots me about your offer via email shown .