Monday, 25 September 2017

Lasse Nielsen 's TOFDATA ...

here is link ... to free download.   one must refresh as updates are released.   the study group results are represented in TOFDATA.

start > press enter
T for bicolor plate (tryk) ... add 1...130

R.Hg = Rammehovedgruppe.
R.Serie = Frame series.
R.Setting = Frame Set.
RM = Frame Type,
RF = Frame Error,
OM = Oval Type,
OF = Oval Error.

tutorial online : this auction offers plated tofarvet 

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archived collections : france regulars japanese kobans and forgeries; sweden and denmark

RF errors ...

4430 RF TL

pearl flaws ...


see FR TR ...

Sunday, 24 September 2017

perforation ...

perforation began as line and ended comb type, with many irregularities. 2 machines were applied sometimes simultaneously.  the first line machine was rebuilt with new pins.  centred copies are almost unknown.  missing pins, blunt or sharp perfs, skewed lines and varied proportions are all known.

perforation is one of the keys to plating.  locating the columns on sheets of 100.

Friday, 22 September 2017

ovals weak, thin frame






4480 OF

4399 OF

shades vary, but thin frame and fine details are common.  last 2 are dry prints ( see oval).  ovals missing frame lines in many cases

the above are possibly 1890 plate 52 ... or 1886 plates 39 40  1878 plate 11a

inverted watermark ...

most plates in lapidar group show inverted watermarks.  this is my first find