Monday, 16 October 2017

welcome to my philately

4 ore bicolor lots wanted ... especially, from U plates.

collections are being audited, so Trade-offers are on demand ...

SWAP lots on approval by 25gm letterpost ; otherwise michel catalog trades are possible  
scans welcomed of your lots ...


specialised collections : decimal machins   danmark 4 ore bicolor  norge posthorn

archived collections :   japan kobans and forgeries; sweden, denmark; norge , germany , france

colour guide to 4ore

Sunday, 15 October 2017

DK23 4ore emissions ...

Numberdk-0023 (danish stamps)
MotifTinted eartags 1875
artistPhilip Batz
GravurePhilip Batz
Value4 øre
PrintingHH Thieles Book Printing
Print TechniqueBogtryk


Release date: 1875-01-01
Number of sheets4000000
Brands / sheet100
ColourGray / Blue
watermarkCrown 2
perforation14 x 13½
Release date: 1895-09-01
Number of sheets3080000
Brands / sheet100
ColourGray / Blue
watermarkCrown 2
Release date: 1903-12-01
Number of sheets105000
Brands / sheet100
ColourGray / Blue
watermarkCrown 3
 stocks needed to augment my collections ... will swap modern danmark for 4ore bicolor lots me about your offer via email shown .

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lasse Nielsen 's TOFDATA ...

here is link ... to free download.   one must refresh as updates are released.   the study group results are represented in TOFDATA.

start > press enter
T for bicolor plate (tryk) ... add 1...130

R.Hg = Rammehovedgruppe.
R.Serie = Frame series.
R.Setting = Frame Set.
RM = Frame Type,
RF = Frame Error,
OM = Oval Type,
OF = Oval Error.

this auction offers plated tofarvet 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

AFA specialised catalog 2016

a page from catalog shows plate data and example from each plate.
a guide ;  shades, cancel help locate

I prefix the plate numbers - M museum ; R recontruction and U unknown .

1889 unknown plate positions ...
this site enables the search based on parameters ...   and interacts with TOFDATA. 
 the AFA specialised catalog list all plates by year / number

a new board on delphi ...

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